Pump Truck Drivers are responsible for servicing customers' portable restroom(s) on assigned route(s). This position routinely requires extensive physical exertion and entering/exiting the truck approximately 40-50 times per day. Pump Truck Drivers are exposed to extreme weather conditions and unpleasant odors and sights. The hours and physical demand may vary by route or area.

Before Route
• Get route sheet and VCR
• Pre-trip truck and start VCR
• Make sure truck has all supplies
o Tablets
o Scent discs
o Hand soap
o Hand towels
o Hand sanitizer
o Toilet paper
o Water (brine water in winter)
• Make sure you have PPE equipment

During Route
• Have flashers/strobe light on when vehicle is in service
• Follow route sheet and read notes on customers that are on vacation or credit hold

Service toilets
• Pump toilet holding tank(s)
• Fill tank with hose
• Put in toilet deodorizer tablets
• Wash and sanitize inside of toilet with a combo of Urinal and Cabana Cleaner
• Wipe down toilet
• Put in toilet paper
• Make sure hand sanitizer is full
• Place scent disk
• Sign service order

Open and close gates and fences in county
• Properly secure gate when opening or closing to eliminate property damage

Follow rules of the road
• Speed
• Following too close
• Turn signals
Dispatch is the hub of commination for WWS. You Must notify dispatch with any of the following problems notify dispatch if:
• You have issues with your work order
• You have mechanical issues
• You are having any customer issues
• Call in if you cannot find a toilet
• Make notes on route sheet if you have an issue with a stop

Dump at sewer station or landfill
• Follow their rules of the property
• Make sure if you dump at a land fill that the ground is level
• Do not park right next to another truck, give space
• Make sure you turn pump from blow back to suck after emptying tank

After Route is completed
• Complete front page of route sheet
• Mileage
• Dump weight
• Fill up truck with fuel
• Do Post-trip on truck
• Turn in VCR in folder on wall
• Turn in route sheet to Dispatch
Make sure ALL work orders are done for the day before you go home. A delivery driver from each location must remain at the facility until 4:30pm each day.
• If work orders need to be pushed to a different day make sure customers are notified
• Fill up truck with fuel
• CLEAN THE VEHICLE – it is our reputation and a goal that we take very seriously!!
• Do Post-trip on truck
• Turn in VCR in folder on wall
• Turn in work orders into bin to be closed

Eligibility requirements:
• Must possess a valid driver’s license
• Must have 3 years previous delivery experience
• Must have the ability to read, write, and communicate clearly with dispatch. Also must be able to follow directions, read road signs, maps, and fill out proper forms legibly.
• Must have previous knowledge of vehicle safety
• Must be able to pass a drug screens and alcohol testing
• Must have a clean background with no major moving violations. Background check will be required and reviewed post-hire.

Physical requirements:
• Must be willing to sit and remain alert while driving for an approximate average of 6 hours a day.
• Must be able to operate pump controls on vehicle.
• Must be able to perform occasional squatting position while handling toilets
• Must be able to continuously exit and enter cab of vehicle throughout the day: requires bending, stooping, twisting, climbing, crouching, and balancing
• May require pushing/pulling of moving of toilets up to 200lbs.
• Must be able to carry various items associated with containers up to and over 100 lbs frequently throughout the day and with various distances.
• Must be willing and able to bend and lift items at waist level and frequently reach above shoulder height to push or pull containers
• Must be able to occasionally reach at waist level and below for maneuvering and directing or operating the hydraulic controls on the vehicle.
• Must be able to load and unload toilets and carts onto vehicles frequently throughout the day. This will involve moving containers up to 200lbs to and from floor level onto the lifts or manually lofting carts into the vehicle.
• Must be willing to spend at least 30% or your day standing and walking on various surfaces including; concrete, dirt, snow, ice, pavement, gravel, etc.

Work environment:
• Drivers will operate vehicle in all-weather elements including: rain, sleet, hail, snow, bitter cold, extreme hot, and fog.
• Drivers will be subject changing and various work schedules throughout the day along with changing routes including; Long-trips, short-trips, on-call deliveries, crowded streets, various safety hazards while driving and in all kinds of weather.
• Drives will have to delivery containers in various locations including uneven terrain, busy construction areas, busy public areas with bystanders and kids, school zones, etc.

$12.85 Idaho Median wage
$15.71 Idaho Top Range
$17.00 WWS Top Range

Please download and complete the attached application below. Return the application by:

1. Email: darrick@gowesternwaste.com

2. Fax: (208) 734-1004

3. Mail or drop off: 70 W. Frontage R. N. / Jerome, ID. 83338