Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What if there is a holiday during the service week?

A:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered holidays at Western Waste Services.  If one of these holidays fall during a week day, your trash collection will be one day behind.

Q. What do I need to do every week to have service?

A. Once you order service from us and your cart(s) are delivered, there are a few easy guidelines to remember:
If you live close to a regular street please wheel the cart out to the curb. The cart must have at least three feet on both sides.

Please do not place it where it can be obstructed by a vehicle, mail box or anything else that collection equipment could damage. Western will not be held responsible for damaging personal property that was located too close to your container.

If you live on a private lane the cart will need to be wheeled down to the nearest street or road. Please discuss this with a representative when contracting our services.

Please Do:

Have the handles and wheels of the cart facing your home not the street.
Have the cart set out the night prior or at least by 7am in the morning of your regularly scheduled service day.
Notify us if your cart becomes damaged or is missing at any time. Carts damaged over the course of regular collection services (normal wear-and-tear) will be exchanged at no charge. If the cart is damaged due to customer negligence you will be charged accordingly.

Please Do Not:

Overload your cart. If you are consistently running out of space in your cart call us to have an additional cart delivered. Have more carts than you need? Let us know and we would be happy to retrieve one from you.
Misplace, loan or remove a cart from your specific service address. The carts are assigned by serial number to your address. If you are moving and wish to continue service at another location call 208-734-6969 and we will make any needed changes to your account.

Empty any ashes or coals from any type of fire (back yard, stove, fireplace, etc.) into your containers. Although ashes may appear to pose no danger, they can remain volatile for many weeks. Putting ashes in your trash can easily melt your container or ignite the load the collection truck is carrying. The dangers extend much further then you may think.

Q. What can’t I put in my trash?

A. For the environment and our employees health, we will not accept the following items with your weekly trash (not all-inclusive):

ashes or coals
automotive batteries
metal auto parts
motor oil
sealed drums
fluorescent tubes
wire fencing
liquid paint

…or any other potentially harmful or hazardous items in your regular trash.
For your convenience we would be happy to discuss special collection for an unusual item. Call 208-734-6969. Additional charges may apply.

Q. I have large items to dispose of, will you take them?

A. Although Western will not pick up items like mattresses, furniture, car bodies, refrigerators or freezers with your weekly service, we do still want to help. Simply call 208-734-6969 and let us work with you to arrange pickup of your materials. Southern Idaho Solid Waste operates all of the transfer stations and landfills in this region. Their refuse and waste acceptance policies do differ depending on the items you are attempting to dispose of, additional charges may apply.

Q. Do you offer curbside recycling?

 Western does not currently provide a curbside recycling program for non-municipal customers using residential   services. Customers living outside the city of Twin Falls are encouraged to call their city clerk for specific information about services available in your town. We accept co-mingled items such as cans, paper, jars and plastics.

Q. Can I pay my bill online?

 Absolutely!  Just click the online bill pay link at the top of the website to establish online account access. We accept Visa or MasterCard payments online.

Q. What is considered hazardous waste?

 Hazardous waste contaminates our local landfills and our environment if they are placed with your regular trash. Items considered hazardous may have labels that use words like danger, warning, caution, caustic, acid, flammable or poison.  If you are still uncertain please call Western Waste Services at 208-734-6969 for assistance.