Twine and Cardboard Recycling

Serving the entire Magic Valley

It will come as no surprise to many business owners that cardboard can often occupy most of your container space. Removing the cardboard from your regular waste stream can save you money and critical container space on a regular basis. Western Waste offers a full range of containers designated for “cardboard only recycling” because there are no disposal fees associated with the handling of your cardboard, the service fee on a monthly basis is extremely affordable.

Adding a cardboard recycling container to accompany your weekly regular waste disposal can better augment your disposal dollars. For instance, imagine a situation where in a matter of minutes a weekly shipment of product cased in cardboard fills up a recently emptied trash container. You are faced with a tough dilemma. Your valuable container space is gone and your regularly scheduled service stop is days away. Can your business afford to wait? Most business owners would request an unscheduled dump be charged to their account. A careful assessment with a Western Waste professional is only a phone call away.

Simply adding one cardboard recycling container with once per week service costs less than scheduling your regular trash container for more service and it’s there when you need it. Just one more way Western is…

Always at your disposal!

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