Co-Mingled, Twine, and Cardboard

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Recycling in Twin Falls

Save Space, Time, & Money

With Western Waste Service's Cardboard Recycling

It will come as no surprise to many business owners that cardboard can often occupy most of your container space. Removing the cardboard from your regular waste stream can save you money and critical container space on a regular basis.

Western Waste offers a full range of containers designated for “cardboard only recycling” because there are no disposal fees associated with the handling of your cardboard, the service fee on a monthly basis is extremely affordable.

How To Save Money With Cardboard Recycling

Add It

Add a cardboard recycling container to accompany your weekly regular waste disposal.

Use It

Place cardboard in this receptacle, rather than in your regular waste container.


Avoid unscheduled dumps of your regular waste container by separating out cardboard. 

Stay Consistent

Adding one cardboard recycling container with once per week service costs less than scheduling your regular trash container for more service.

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Co-Mingling Recycling Program

Co-Mingling Recycling

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminun
  • Tin
  • Twine


  • Plastic bags, #6 bottles, plastic film, wraps, motor oil containers, pots or buckets, any other plastic containers with hazardous materials
  • Aerosol cans, propane bottles, paint buckets, metal pots, metal cooking sheets, large metal items, glass bottles and jars, glass plates, ceramics, bulbs

Due to the Magic Valley Recycling regulations, Western Waste will only be accepting the following recyclables:

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminun
  • Tin
  • Twine

The items listed above will be the only items allowed in your recycle cart.

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Holiday Pickup Schedule

Western Waste Services Ovserves the Following Holidays Each Year

New Year’s Day | Memorial Day | Fourth of July | Labor Day | Thanksgiving Day | Christmas Day

All collections following a week-day holiday will be delayed one day.
For example, if your collection day is usually Thursday, it will shift to Friday.
If a holiday falls on a weekend, we will continue our regular schedule

2023 Holiday Schedule