Western Waste Services "Cares Local" And Celebrates The Power-In-Pink

Enroll In The Pink Cart Program

Western Waste Services is a local company ensuring your funds to stay local and benefit community-minded cancer organizations.

  1. Call Western Waste Services and exchange your current cart for our pink cart.
  2. The initial enrollment fee is $50 for all customers.
  3. 100% of the fees are donated to St. Luke’s Mobile General Mammogram Fund, Innovative Medical Imaging's Breast Cancer Screening Fund, or North Canyon Medical Center’s free mammograms, breast cancer education, and comfort items for those in need.
  4. After year one, the annual renewal rate is $25 which is 100% donated!

Enroll In The Pink Cart Program

Where Your Funds Go

St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation Logo

All proceeds go to the General Mammogram Fund. The purpose is to provide support to our community on prevention, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer including support for breast cancer screenings, diagnostic imaging, and biopsy.

Innovative medical imaging logo

The proceeds from the Power in Pink Campaign go to our breast cancer screening fund at IMI to help cover breast imaging costs for ladies who do not have insurance or are facing a hardship financially and/or cannot afford their deductible.

North Canyon Medical Center logo

Funds are currently being used to provide free mammograms for those in need, breast cancer education and comfort items to make the experience comfortable for the patient.  

Call to Reserve Your Pink Cart and #TrashCancer!

Twin Falls | 208.734.6969
Jerome | 208.324.5849
Burley | 208.654.9999

Pink western waste garbage can